Parallel lives...

Residents in and around Bicester heard yesterday that the proposed eco-town there is now under review and that if the scheme is scrapped the site will no longer be designated an 'eco-town' and more importantly will not attract any cash from the government.

The developer,  P3Eco, is bullish however and maintains it is business as usual for the initial phase and they expect a 200 home exemplar to be built. Like Broadland,  Cherwell District Council also got a £9.6m share of the previous government's allocation of £60m for eco-town developments.

Several local councillors as well as local campaigners have welcomed the news.  District and County Councillor, Catherine Fulljames commented: "I would be delighted if this was scrapped. It has given a lot of people in my division a lot of unhappiness". County Councillor, Charles Shouler added: " The housing targets no longer exist, so why does Bicester need 5,000 houses plus what has already been approved?"

Broadland are also still sticking to the housing targets handed down by the previous government even though it was acknowledge that they were over-estimated and they accept themselves that 'the requirement set out in the RSS is very challenging'. So why exactly are they persevering?


  1. Too many ego's will be bruised, I reckon

  2. They stick to these housing figures because they need the Council tax to stop the Council going bust and to pay for their gold plated pensions.

    Do not forget what they are most proud of is a good council to work for.