There is always someone who is willing to spoil our countryside..

This is just the result of fly-tipping and is an annoying eyesore which can easily be removed.

However, the scenery in the backgound shows where Broadland District Council and Building Partnerships intend the proposed Rackheath eco-town to be built. That too will be an eyesore for local residents and tourists alike but won't be quite so easy to remove.... how much better not to build it there in the first place.

The dispersal option is best for the countryside and communities - we all know we need more houses and many villages are crying out for permission to build small development in order to sustain local communities so why are Broadland intent on destroying Rackheath and its near neighbours?
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  1. Could you tell me where that bumper is? It might fit my Punto nicely ... cheers

  2. Dross adjuster6 May 2010 at 12:44

    Send me your address and I will come and fit it personally

  3. Now children...

    This plan to drag in £billions to a little patch of land is a folly. It will prevent the development of dozens of local schemes where communities will retain viability and enjoy the benefits of low carbon living.
    Instead this scheme will displace thousands of people into an alien and unsustainable conurbation which will replicate the major planning disasters of the 60's.

  4. Looks a set up too me, those bits of bumpers are worth a few quid on ebay