Broadland does it again....

So most of the country woke up to discover who their newly elected parliamentary representative will be but not so in Broadland! This post was written just after 9.00 am on the 7th May and the count had only just started.

Once again the local communities are being dictated to and we have no say in how we want our election process to be run. SNUB members are rather keen to know whether we will have an MP who will actively fight on our behalf or whether we will have to continue to do all the fighting ourselves.....


  1. 13.000 and still nothing. Are they vying to be the last to declare?

  2. Well,now we know,its Keith Simpson.Hopefully that is good news for us and our aims.

  3. I am worried that the issues Simpson promised to oppose have now gone away for him. He sat on the fence for so long its a wonder he isn't limping! I am not convinced that he will do anything at Westminster. We will have to see. I am very disappointed that Dan Roper didn't get elected. Still, he now has a good base to work from and Norman Lamb didn't get in first time. Lets hope he gets stronger next time may not actually be that long........

  4. I have a letter from Keith Simpson dated 15/03/10 in reply to an email I had sent him regarding the proposed excessive develpoment of the North East Norwich triangle/Ndr/Ecotown etc,in which he states the following,and I quote:- "I have always been opposed to the eco town and have made my viewws quite clear both in the press and the through the media.As you may have seen from Westminster Report I clearly stated my opposition to the proposed ecotown."
    Pretty unequivocal, I would have said, so I look forward to seeing how events unfold.

  5. Flycaster - that is what everyone understood and I hope you are right
    You will also have seen his comments on the eve of the election about giving more power to Local Councils (Broadland) over development projects.

    Which of these will have his priority. The national policy or his personal opposition to the ECO town.

    He could oppose the eco-town and maintain his support for the building of 35,000 houses in the Norwich Growth Point. A plan which will increase the population of Norwich by approximately 100,000 (according to CPRE)
    That is nearly 50% in ten years. Fine City, it won't be!