Wouldn't It Be Nice

  • If we had a council like Arun District Council which dedicated pages of its own website opposing the proposed eco-town at Ford
  • If we had a local newspaper like the Littlehampton Gazette which took the fight against the proposed eco-town seriously and gave the opposition groups coverage both off-line and on-line
  • If we had a local MP like Nick Herbert who actively and vociferously opposed the eco-town
  • If we had an elected district councillor who took on board the views of the local residents and voiced their objections instead of ignoring them and supporting proposals that will devastate the local community
  • If we had local celebrities like Ben Fogle, Dame Judy Dench or even Tim Henman's father to help us fight against the proposed Rackheath eco-town and gain media coverage
  • If we had the services of a PR company like Linstock Communications used by the Greater Norwich Development Partnership to add a bit of spin and polish to their communications
  • If we had a government grant and some council budget to help us produce glossy leaflets, flashy roadshows and dedicated staff to fight these proposals
Instead, we have a group of dedicated local people attempting to balance work and other commitments whilst trying to raise awareness of what is being planned for 'Greater Norwich' and the villages of Rackheath, Salhouse, Thorpe End and Great and Little Plumstead in particular. We have the support of the overwhelming majority of local residents but still no-one listens to us - something is wrong with the democratic process that allows this to happen.


  1. Disgusted of Rackheath5 May 2010 at 11:10

    I suppose you are referring to the duplicitous Mr Simpson.
    Who having said he opposed the Rackheath development at the 11th hour when he hopes the election can be won, comes out in support of the District Council.
    A pox on all their houses.
    This is exactly what is wrong with our politics.

  2. Rackheath Resident5 May 2010 at 17:38

    Come on Snub get your banjos out, theres a song in the making there you know ;)

    All together
    Wouldnt it be nice.. La la la, La lala

  3. We do have the hope that there will be a change of government after Thursdays elections. This could mean a change of direction away from mass building schemes towards more dispersed developments. Also,bear in mind,that the NDR and the eco town will require large amounts of money from central government and if things with the economy turn out to be as bad as some pundits would have us believe,these projects could well be "put on the back burner" or cancelled altogether. No money = no infrastructure and with no infrastructure other developments could not take place. So place your cross against the right name tomorrow and who knows,things may change for the better.

  4. Lets hope Dan Roper gets in tomorrow then at least our MP will be behind us. I know he is in favour of a full NDR but I cannot see that happening, so surely he will fight the plans for a partial one? Could be his first test if he gets elected!

  5. Just when are we going to get our Democracy back, with our District Council listening to the residents instead of acting like a Dictator

  6. Roll on next year when we can get rid of all these wretched Councillors who no longer represent their electorate.