Take some sugar with the nasty medicine

Council officials in Broadland are set to unveil a radical package of measures to retrofit 900 properties in the Rackheath area in a bid to cut carbon emissions according to the Evening News

Proposed measures will include:

  • grants and low cost loans to pay for energy saving measures such as insulation, solar panels, and new boilers
  • cheap deals on energy efficient fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and washing machines
  • a £50 council tax (rebate we assume!) for all homes prepared to submit details of their energy, travel, water, and fuel bills
However, it is probably not quite as good as it sounds  - note that grants and loans will be available but not doubt householders will have to go through bureaucratic hoops to receive those! Probably using Council recommended contractors so no shopping around for the best deal if BDC stick to the same policy they currently have in place. 

The £50 reduction in Council Tax will only be available if you allow the District Council to look at all your bills for travel and fuel, water and energy so that they can identify  the homes that 'need the most assistance'. Big Brother is on his way to Rackheath

But why Rackheath we wonder? What singles out the residents there  for such special treatment?!! 

Surely not a package of sweeteners from BDC?

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