What the GNDP decided they didn't want you to see after all....

Why has the Greater Norwich  Development Partnership changed their initial news release about the recent Exploratory Meeting on the Joint Core Strategy by removing the first paragraph?

For those not quick enough to see the original here is what was removed:

"The meeting was very focussed, the Inspector reminded the people present that this was a meeting
where he was checking to see if the evidence supporting the policies in the strategy is
comprehensive enough for him to go ahead to the Examination in Public stage. About 100 people
attended the event and the Inspector invited comments from them following his questions and the
partnership responses. He made it clear at certain points that this was not the examination and
some questions were not being dealt with at this meeting and were not addressed."

Nothing  incriminating there so why did they remove it?

Could it have been that the Inspector said the purpose of the meeting was to check whether the evidence was comprehensive enough to go ahead with the next stage? The fact that the Inspector decided NOT to go ahead might give the impression that the evidence certainly wasn't comprehensive enough... or didn't they want anyone to know that about 100 people turned up for this important meeting. Who knows.....


  1. Were Broadland DC at the same meeting that we attended ? Their SPIN is ubelievable. They never mentioned that the Inspector found that their document was flawed. What a load of Spinners. Roll on 2011 when we can get rid of them.

  2. I hope the Inspector will take note that six parish councils, 4,000 residents, our County Councillor and our MP are against this destruction of our countryside.

  3. We can expect them to push harder as the resistance grows. However, all that shows is that they do not care about delivering an innovative and carefully balanced project. They are only interested in "getting a result."-it is rapidly descending into ego-politik and there is place for that when it will affect so many people.