Public Information Service

SNUB have been approached by Broadland District Council and asked where the photos of dumped car bumpers in our post about people spoiling the countryside was taken. It seems they want to go and remove them from the scene - so for your information BDC the bumpers are on Stonehouse Road, Rackheath on the right hand side as you come down from the Wroxham Road.

Nice to know our Blog is being read by Broadland District Council and even nicer to know that they are trying to keep the countryside tidy. The proposed development in this area would be major blot on the landscape so think again BDC!


  1. Just driven up there and they've gone!Wow, what a service!"

  2. Dross Adjuster19 May 2010 at 20:11

    The original post was a fortnight ago. So I guess Broadland adopted the usual stance of leave it for a bit and perhaps it will go away.
    Now Punto man has obviously had then days ago.

  3. Broadland District Council - Street Scene Team20 May 2010 at 09:46

    'Broadland Council Street Scene team have cleared this fly-tip on the 12 May but welcome reports of fly-tipping and littering. These can be made to 01603 430534 or'