Broadland Planning Committee to Dakenham Project

This morning, Broadland District Council issued letters to many local residents stating that the 'Dakenham Project' is to be put before their planning committee, on Wednesday 9th June 2010.

Dakenham Project  (Planning No: 20090416)
The 'Dakenham Project' proposal, near Salhouse Station, involves the demolition of the existing Dakenham Hall farm (shown right), and the construction of a two-storey business unit, complete with 'recycling building', car park and three 15m wind turbines, by the same developer who is behind the controversial Rackheath Ecotown proposals - Building Partnerships.

When the planning application was first submitted, it was strongly contested by local residents, Salhouse Parish Council and of course, SNUB. The main objections and flaws to this proposal are listed below:
  • The three 15m tall wind turbines being planned, on average, will only provide enough energy to run 2 household kettles.
  • Although showers will be provided for staff working there, the heating for these will be fossil fuel powered, as solar heating systems will not be installed.
  • Other green features, which are not being installed are: rainwater harvesting, 'grey-water' recycling, air source heat pumps, bio-energy, or solar panels.
  • The number of occupants of the building results in around 2000 car journeys per week, equating to 100,000 extra cars down the already busy Station Road and other surrounding roads in Salhouse.
  • It states that its business hours are from 07:00 to 19:00 during the week, and that an above average number of people will use the rail service. However, as few trains stop at Salhouse, the first train to Norwich is at 20:34, meaning many people will instead use their cars, resulting in the small car park being over filled and the possibility of cars being parked along the busy Station Road.
  • It also says in the travel plan, “there are many quiet lanes that provide for convenient and easy cycling”, which local residents will know is not true.
More information about this application can be viewed on SNUB's website, which includes the comprehensive document submitted by SNUB, and Salhouse Parish Council's objections. Other information can also be viewed at BDC's planning site, or on the developer's website, which rather presumptuously states: "Planning consent is expected early in 2010", in spite the strong local opposition.

The Next Step
Although now too late to submit written objections to this proposal, it is being put forward to BDC's Planning Committee on Wednesday 9th June at 9.30 am. Anyone is invited to speak at this meeting, however they must register their intent to do so by contacting them on 01603 430428 by Friday 4th June.


  1. Any chance of a cup of tea? 'Sorry the wind has dropped, you will have to wait until the weekend when blustery weather has been forcasted'

  2. Where do they get these ideas from? They are all such a pathetic attempt at trying to be green. Why even bother when it is so half hearted? I suppose it is to try to convince people that they actually give a monkeys! I would welcome some proper eco friendly developments that actually have some credibility.