So it's business as usual for BDC is it? With a lot more hard work ahead though...

According to an article in the Evening News, Broadland District Council are ploughing ahead with their plans for the proposed Rackheath eco-town.  Apparently, they are waiting for confirmation from the Department of Communities and Local Government that the eco-town programme is going ahead.

But Mr Kirby shouldn't be quite so confident as the Inspector has issued a lengthy document after last week's Exploratory Meeting and has given the Greater Norwich Development Partnership five months to undertake more work in order to clarify a large number of concerns.

The many concerns are listed under the following headings: infrastructure, affordable housing, distribution of development (particularly to public transport opportunities), the Northern Distributor Road, sustainability issues and the North-East Growth Triangle.

SNUB has already posted comments on this Exploratory Meeting and this document from the Inspector adds further weight to the argument that the GNDP are attempting to push though proposals for a massive development in this area with insufficient research and a total disregard for local opinion. Even the 'key strength' of the Rackheath location being its proximity to 'an existing operational railway with station access' is questioned. The Inspector noted that 'Salhouse Station is deserted and uninviting and offers an infrequent service to a very limited number of destinations' . The JCS says that 'an innovative tram-style train could be implemented on the Bittern Line, offering faster journey times, additional services and improved accessibility' (and also, and more importantly, a greater number of intermediate stops). The Inspector comments on the conceived improvements to the line and suggests that 'there is no evidence that they can be delivered in the foreseeable future' and adds that there is also no evidence to suggest this option has been considered in any depth.

There is more - a lot more....

So the pretty document that the Inspector praised is actually full of holes and they've been given at least five months to make good - it seems that the Inspector feels there is a LOT more work to be done.


  1. Can someone explain why Broadland DC and the Taxpayer are employing Planning Consultants to plan the Ecotown. I thought that the Developer had to pay for this, after all he is making the profit or perhaps we as Broadland Taxpayers are now a Developer as well.

  2. How can it be business as usual for this Dictatorship when 6 Parish Councils, 4,000 residents, the County Councillor and our MP are all against it. Where has our democracy gone ?

  3. Just read my EDP. For goodness sake can SNUB please keep fighting on our behalf as our Council is obviously not listening to its electors. Keep up the good work SNUB

  4. Andrew Proctor would not be drawn this morning on Chris Goreham's Radio Norfolk Breakfast show as to whether funding is likely to materialise. Fingers crossed the coalition pull the plug soon.

  5. Having boxed themselves into an unpopular corner promoting the JCS and the associated developments, against very strong local opposition,maybe BDC would welcome government money being withdrawn. They could then let these unwanted and totally disproportionate schemes drop,using the lack of funding as the reason for not going ahead. They could simply say that government financial cutbacks were the cause and suffer no loss of face. They could then return to realistic planning proposals,spreading them out where needed across a much wider area,and avoiding the wholesale destruction of this area of Broadland.
    They might even start listening to their public.!!