Broadland District Council still intent on doing its own thing

Last summer Caroline Spelman (then Communities and Local Government Shadow Secretary and now Environment Secretary) wrote to leaders of Tory led councils about Conservative plans to abolish Regional Spatial Strategies and the potential implications of this for councils if the Tories won the election.

She said: "I recognise that many local authorities are currently in a difficult position, with Government Offices pressuring councils into moving ahead with their Core Strategies and associated Development Plan Documents, imposing the controversial elements demanded by the Regional Spatial Strategies"

She urged councils to say 'no' to the Labour Government "we would advise councils not to rush ahead with implementing the controversial elements of Regional Spatial Strategies, expending time and taxpayers’ money that may be wasted. Ultimately, councillors should seek to serve the best interests of their residents"

Ms Spelman added that the electorate would have a choice: "a vote for democratic accountability and sustainable development from Conservatives on one hand, or unelected, unwanted, unsustainable urban sprawl from a discredited and bullying Labour regime on the other"

It seems that it is a Tory led council here in Broadland which has ignored Ms Spelman and is still intent on delivering 'an unwanted, unsustainable urban sprawl' in spite of Broadland returning a Tory MP who had publicly stated that he opposed the proposed eco-town. So when will Broadland District Council start listening to the local community?

Meanwhile, DAMIAN Hinds, the newly-elected MP for East Hampshire, has stressed the importance of a referendum over the eco-town issue in Whitehill-Bordon.

Mr Hinds was commenting on a call by district councillor Ian Dowdle for an immediate halt to eco-town spending, until the new Government announces its position on the controversial scheme.


  1. When is this awful dictatorship at Broadland going to end. I gather one of our District Councillors told his Cabinet that some of his electors were liars. This Councillor should resign NOW.

  2. Norfolk Veteran30 May 2010 at 12:27

    Who is this Broadland employee who says that only a few are opposing the Rackheath Ecotown ? She should wake up and listen, but I suppose the Council pay her to do this.

  3. Local Resident30 May 2010 at 12:30

    Just visited your superb Website. Well done SNUB for representing the views of the Local Residents. Keep it up as our Broadland Council is not listening to the people who elected them and who pay them.