Welcome to Greater Norwich

Broadland District Council refer to this part of Broadland as 'Greater Norwich' - to everyone else it is part of the productive farmland in Rackheath where the proposed eco-town will be built.

At the moment anyone can walk across this field and enjoy not only the view but also the tranquillity of being in this part of Norfolk. Of course, at the moment it is also 'extra-tranquil' as there are no planes overhead making  their approach to Norwich airport!  
Tranquillity map: Norfolk
CPRE has produced 'tranquillity' maps for every county in England and Norfolk is currently rated 8th in the country - so why would anyone want to stipulate massive development in this area and thereby ruin the tranquillity upon which our tourism is founded and the countryside many people moved out of cities to find? However much the local councils might want to bring new industry to this area we are still predominantly an agricultural and tourism based economy so why would we want to jeopardize both these industries?

The 'homogenisation' of England is becoming a real threat to counties such as Norfolk and we need to stand up to both government and developers and say no! Some dispersed development is needed to accommodate  both a growing and an ageing  population but a far more intelligent approach to dealing with this problem needs to be found than the building of huge housing estates that creep over the countryside from urban centres such as Norwich. Surely this is not beyond the wit of our best planners and developers.

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