East Anglia is as Dry as Jerusalem

The Managing Director of Anglian Water has written a  letter to the EDP urging readers to visit the Waterwise website to learn about water conservation and comments that here in East Anglia we get the same amount of rainfall  as Jerusalem!

Anglian Water supply 20% more people than they did 20 years ago but continued growth in this area will put the water companies supplying the region under significant pressure. The Environment Agency in its Regional Action Plan for Anglian Region states  that 'the combination of limited resources and high demand (both human and environmental) means that, over much of the region, water resources are already considered to be fully, if not over-committed . The analysis carried out for the Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies (CAMS) shows that very few catchments have resources available at low flows. Climate change and growth will compound this further.'

Yet, the government and the Great Norwich Development Partnership are still intent on building 33,000 in the Norwich Policy Area (this includes the proposed Rackheath eco-town) - that's 100,000 extra people. Just where will we get the extra water from? It won't be from the sky.....

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