Tories Claim to Abolish Un-elected Infrastructure Planning Commission

The Tory Manifesto states that they will "abolish the unelected Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) and replace it with an efficient and democratically-accountable system that provides a fast-track process for major infrastructure projects".

This sounds like a  good idea as one of the IPC's recently appointed Commissioners, Gideon Amos, has stated that "the weight and volume of opposition is always, from some quarters, fairly heavy and should not surprise anyone. The numbers opposing something however, rightly in my view, are not normally a consideration given any relevance."

This definitely does not sound democratic and makes a nonsense of Broadland's claims that they will listen to local residents!

Mr Amos  recently joined Broadland District Council at the Open Meeting held at Rackheath and opened the meeting with a long speech urging residents to accept the need for more housing in the area. As one of the  Commissioners who will have the job decide whether major infrastructure developments go ahead his views are distinctly worrying.

View the list of projects currently being looked at by the Infrastructure Planning Commission here .

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