Planners Defend Rackheath 'Eco' Development

Planners in Broadland have been defending the Rackheath Eco development on North Norfolk Radio.

It followed the meeting at Rackheath on the 10th April, where residents shared concerns about the location and questioned the project's green credentials.

Listen to the clip below of Phil Kirby, Chief Planner for Broadland District Council, explaining why it was necessary to develop the site at Rackheath. The clip is very brief and no-one else was invited to put over a counter-argument, which seems a little biased. However, after Thursday evening's thrashing by local residents, maybe Broadland District Council were just glad to say something without fear of ridicule or jeering!

Audio clip, courtesy of North Norfolk Radio, is attached below.


  1. Thanks for posting this clip, Nicky. I am a bit puzzled as to which "good rail links" the Rackheath Eco Town would have ! There is a good letter in the East Anglian Daily Times today from a resident of Great Cornard, near Sudbury complaining about the lack of infrastructure in a proposed development of 3,000 plud houses. I will try and scan it and send it to you.

  2. 3400 households in housing need. What does that mean?Households in Rackheath NO; in NE Norwich NO: perhaps in the whole of Broadland and how many people will then be displaced into an alien community?
    Then what is the nature of that need. Affordable to who -those on benefits, unmarried mothers, skilled workers, graduates, pensioners. It seems the only qualification is that they are a council housing list.

    The jobs: only 17% of the present community of Rackheath work locally. The council do not have the power to create jobs. They may provide incentives but they have to use our money to do it. It hasn't worked in the North of England why would it work here.

    Kirby just wants to justify it because he is promoting the Labour Party's big idea to create a huge new wave of Council house building.

  3. Grrrr, the same old arguments trotted out time and time again. "An area identified for growth" WHO BY????????? Certainly not the people who live there. Stop trying to turn Norfolk into Essex.