SNUB's New Blog

Following the redesigning of SNUB's YouTube channel (, SNUB's popular blog has also recently been redesigned, with the hope of simplifying the whole experience.

The main change has been to the interface, which has been modernised and simplified to ensure all items can be found quickly, however a number of new features have been listed below.

Social Buttons
A series of new 'buttons' have also been created to quickly give users information about other sites, as shown below. Please support SNUB in as many ways as you can.
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Like Buttons
At the bottom of all posts are two buttons, 'Like' and 'Dislike', which will show what other users think of that particular story.

Email Subscription
By entering your email address, email updates from the SNUB blog can be sent directly to your email inbox. This is free, and you will only receive a maximum of one email a day, as all items are combined into one daily email.

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