SNUB Video Has 500 Hits a Month

It's just over a month since a video, created by a group of young SNUB supporters, was uploaded to the popular video-sharing website, YouTube. Since then, it has achieved local press coverage in the Norwich Evening News, helping pass the 500 hits mark.

The 2-minute video features a series of photographs and simple on screen messages, showing what could be lost if these developments went ahead. It aims to alert people of the scale of the proposed developments, and what long term effects they could have. Accompanying the video, is music composed and performed by one of the group, Tom Self.

Here is a breakdown of the viewing figures, courtesy of YouTube Insights:

  • Direct Link (e.g. Email & Twitter) - 208
  • Google & YouTube Searches - 155
  • SNUB Website & SNUB Blog - 69
  • Evening News Website - 62
  • Facebook - 10

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