Hethersett Residents Have Their Say on New Development Plans

A group of residents in Hethersett are setting up a Steering Committee to fight plans to build 1000 houses in the village and have agreed to find out what what local people actually want.

Once again the Greater Norwich Development Partnership's Joint Core Strategy comes under fire as villagers struggle to accept the total number of houses earmarked for Hethersett by the Strategy.

The Government website www.direct.gov.uk states in its page about eco-town development that:

It will be easier to live a green and healthy lifestyle in an eco-town and you will be able to have your say on what happens in the town and issues that matter locally.

It would be nice if the rest of the population were given the same opportunities that future 'eco-town' dwellers will have as a right!


  1. You will have a say. That is the same as being consulted.
    Say what you like if it is not what the Council approves it will not be allowed.

  2. Yet more valuable farmland will be lost if this goes ahead. When will the rape of our county end and the "planners" come to their senses? This relentless "growth" ethic cannot be allowed to destroy village communities and lifestyles that once gone are gone forever. Reduce the numbers and redevelop BROWNFIELD sites.!!!