Top Scientists Warn About the Loss of Farmland

At the John Innes Institute Lecture on February 9th, top Scientists warned the packed meeting about the loss of food producing land and said that the Politicians and Planners had to wake up fast to prevent a serious loss of food by 2020. They said that for too long agricultural land had been under valued and this must change. Read the BBSRC Blog about the need for the UK to grow food

Norfolk has long been a crop-based society and Broadland is a high risk area in terms of potential water shortage - the last thing we should be doing is pouring concrete over our valuable farmland.

Are the Politicians and Planners at Broadland District Council listening to them in their mad dash for money and to give the developers their huge profits? Let us not give them opportunity to exacerbate an already dire situation - join our campaign and stop them before it is too late. Go to our website and download a poster or two.

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