Poster Campaign

At last night's SNUB committee meeting it was agreed to step up the action by augmenting a series of public meetings with a poster campaign.

The launch of the SNUB website with accompanying Facebook and Twitter accounts has resulted in a lot more awareness of the issues surrounding the NDR and proposed Rackheath eco-town. SNUB has been urged by prominent members of  the Norfolk community to fight and keep fighting Broadland District Council and Building Partnerships' attack on the Norfolk countryside and the lives of thousands of local people.

The Open Meeting at Salhouse on 27th February will be the first chance SNUB have had to put over the facts and reveal the 'smoke and mirrors' approach adopted by BDC to curry local support.


  1. Hurrah for that great US Veteran who spoke to the Rackheath Parish Council this week and told us to stand up for our Democracy and not the present Dictatorship by Broadland.D.C. What a grea guy he was. As he said in the USA where elected members do not carry out the wishes of the people, they get rid of them......

  2. We can only hope that the people of Norwich unite against the very same organisation who are supposed to protect and improve our way of life. Broadland District Council are becoming public enemy number one and have become a dictatorship. What is happening to our democracy?

  3. Well said to both the above comments BDC will be the loosers in the end...We will NOT be dictated to. Watch this space..