UK Farmland Prices could Double Before 2012

UK Farmland prices have increased by more than 100% in the 15 years since 1995, and similar levels of value growth are expected again up to 2012.

The latest research from the UK´s leading Rural Property Consultancy Knight Frank reveals that UK farmland investment has outperformed the FTSE 100, prime country house prices and prime London property.

Availability of good quality farmland for sale in the UK remains limited, and the global supply of grain and wheat is at an all time low, two factors that are pushing up the value of farmland, said the research.
Doesn't this add to the argument that the land at Rackheath is more valuable as farmland than as a building site?  BDC and the developers will argue that the land is not 'prime' farmland but it is currently productive and could no doubt become even more productive in the future with careful management. Once it's gone... it's gone!

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