The January full Council Meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 15th January but was delayed due to adverse weather until Thursday 24th January.  One of the Agenda items for this meeting is the debate around the reworking of the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) and whether or not Council would adopt it for submission to the Secretary of State.

On the 14th January, i.e. the day before the original scheduled date of the council meeting the council published its papers for the forthcoming Place Shape Committee.

In these papers, which are dated the 23rd January, there is one paper on the Development Options Consultation Draft for the North East Growth Triangle, which states in Paragraph 3.4 the following fabricated words:

“Following the completion of the necessary works to address the requirements of the High Court Order on 15th January 2013 Broadland District Council agreed that the proposed submission content was legally compliant and sound and should be submitted to the Secretary of State for Independent Examination”

How arrogant and possibly contemptuous as the Council predict the outcome of a full council meeting the day before!

Even more arrogant was the fact that when this was pointed out to them via Twitter on the 16th Jan they responded on the 17th by saying the following:

“Report predicated on Council agreeing to submit JCS for independent examination. Apologies for confusion. Report now Amended.”

Oh and they removed the offending report from their website but luckily the person who found it in the first place kept a copy otherwise the evidence of malpractice would have disappeared.

Those of you with sharp memories will know that when BDC commissioned an independent enquiry into their original handling of the JCS, which ended up with them in court due to acting unlawfully, the findings stated that their process was “INFECTED”.

It still seems to be INFECTED

We will see what they have to say on the 24th.  Book your seat now!


  1. This is just typical of how a DICTATORSHIP works and confirms yet again that we have lost our Democracy in Broadland. This Council is just quite unbelievable. Roll on their election year.

  2. Arrogance is an understatement.
    I am not surprised of anything that this Tory led council does.
    Is there not something corrupt when they announce the result before a debate has actually taken place.
    We have been to Broadland meetings on several occasions and listened to them and it was obvious that their minds were already made up.
    I am sure that they had all met up beforehand and briefed by their leader which way to vote.
    None of them have the backbone to do anything but what their leader says in case they lose favour.
    No wonder the public are getting sick of them

  3. Dear readers, if you would care to attend the Broadland Full council meeting on the 24th, you will see 'firsthand' the dusgusting behaviour of the ruling consevative- led district council, watch, as like 'sheep', they bleat and vote as they have been told to by Proctor and Co. Don't take my word for it. R.S.Lindsay.

  4. I went to the meeting and was struck by the similarities between Proctor and Murphy.
    Arrogant,autocratic and totally in denial/

  5. The JCS infection has been caused by the leader. Not one of his spineless Tory cronies has the backbone to stand up against him and represent the residents who elected them. They will soon reap what they are sowing just the Tory councillor from Wroxham did.

  6. The arrogant and disregard of the ratepayers by this Tory mob will be paid back in full. We have to hope that this will happen before they have ruined our beloved Norfolk.

  7. Cllr Proctor must be held responsible for leading his Tory herd of sheep by ignoring all common sense as well as the views of the Broadland ratepayers

  8. These so called contemptuous "goings on" are not unique to BDC,the activities of certain people at NCC leave a less than pleasant taste as well. There seems to be a mind set in our "betters",that their ends justify their means. High time for a change to get in some new people who will look after the interests of the public who put them there.

  9. I thought that the Judge ruled that the Council had to consult the residents again on ALL the various options. As yet we have NOT been consulted so how can they be so arrogant as to carry on and just ignore the High Court Ruling. Just beyod belief but it confirms yet again that we have NO DEMOCRACY in Broadland just a group of Dictators and their Developer friends.

  10. Anonymous West Norfolk11 February 2013 at 22:10

    In Devizes, Wiltshire, people have become so angry with continuous "salami slicing" one lot of houses after another, that the Trust For Devizes has launched a campaign called "Zero New Homes".

    The electrifying thing about this campaign, is that it based on the fact that new houses means more cars and it is illegal to create more traffic fumes in international law - traffic fumes have to be reduced by All Necessary Means.

    This makes me think of that awful NDR - and of course it is obvious that roads and other infrastructure are built first, then the houses come after - that is what happens with railways too. The NDR is key to new housing around Norwich, as we know - because guess what, 500 new houses creates at least 500 new cars and possibly even 750 or a 1000 cars.

    Something else has happened in Devizes - there is a new political party called Devizes Guardians which seems to contain many members of the Trust For Devizes and now has 3 Councillors elected to the unitary Wiltshire Council

    It has been a hard and long battle since 2001, when the political party was founded. In the beginning elections were fought and lost - but now a corner seems to have been turned. This article in Wiki tells the story better than I can.

    I have lost faith in "Democracy", like many, but perhaps we just have to keep trying and getting so angry we try something completely different.

  11. Salhouse Resident4 April 2013 at 14:43

    We are being asked if we want a Neighbourhood Plan. If we agree what guarantee do we have that Broadland District Council will take any notice of it. They have never heeded our views on the JCS in the past.

  12. Is it a sign of SNUB's loss of confidence and support that it feels unable to put anything else on its blogsite comments other than those that support the lost cause? An effective campaign group can withstand debate.

    1. Not a loss of confidence at all just busy preparing for the the following:

      Examination in Public of the JCS (remitted parts.
      Public Inquiry into Postwick Hub.
      NCC elections.
      BDC by election.
      Consultation on the Area Plan
      Neighbourhood planning for Salhouse

      What have you been doing anonymous?

  13. Your comment, Salhouse Resident, simply indicates your level of ignorance of the Neighbourhood Plan Scheme. It is subject to a Neighbourhood Referendum and becomes a legal document. It protects the Neighbourhood concerned, allows it to identify sites, houses and areas of importance. It allows the Neighbourhood to plan for the future, to draw up its own planning policies which will be applied to any development in that Neighbourhood, Also, it is NOT just a development plan as is being put about by some. To constantly refer to a District Council when this is a National Scheme indicates a level of paranoia and small mindedness that works against the community. Perhaps you should research other Neighbourhood Plans across the country and ask yourself why it is being taken up in these times of potential rampant development. I seem to recall your village had a Parish Plan which has benefited the village since and which was treated with the same level of scepticism at the outset.

    1. Nationally there has only been 36% of Parish Councils who have agreed to progress their Neighbourhood Plan (NP) as they realise that by completing a plan they are signalling their agreement with any superior plan. In Salhouse that would mean agreeing with the JCS. The way it should be done, as it was in Dawlish, is for the NP to be completed as a source of information and intelligence for the housing strategy which is then compiled from all of the Parishes’ individual plans. That is true localism.

      Here in Broadland they are struggling to get those Parishes who agreed to be pathfinders to complete their plans and the majority have either pulled out or not yet agreeing to proceed.

  14. For a start trying to get my veiws onto this post which have not been published for the last 2 days but given that they are about Neighbourhood Plans and that your now involved in one it is hardly surprising as you probably do not agree with them. Can we now expect with your elections coming up that 'the residents group from Salhouse' which is where SNUB came from is a thing of the past and political ambition has taken over?


    1. I am personally not in agreement with Neighbourhood Plans and openly expressed these views at Parish Council meetings when the subject has been discussed. I will however, as I believe in democracy, go along with the views of the parishioners when they decide at the Parish annual meeting next Saturday to proceed or not to proceed. Like any healthy debate I will give the case against and other Councillors will give the case for. I trust you will make yourself known on the day and join the debate.

  15. Thanks for the invite but as you rightly point out this is a matter for the parishioners of Salhouse to decide. I would not expect 'outsiders' to come to our Parish annual meeting and interfere in local affairs such as a Neighbourhood Plan and so I shall not be there.

    Perhaps now that you are spreading your net so thinly far and wide for the next elections you should consider that people other than from Salhouse and Eackheath are going to join the 'debate'. Not that there has been much evidence of real debate on this blogsite for a long time simply posts from supporters. Presumably everyone else has given up trying to get their 'debate' posts on here. Now that the elections are here no doubt this become a platform for the 'manifesto'!