Norfolk Mafia Reinforced

The news that Norse, the facilities management company owned by Norfolk
County Council (NCC) has secured a three year facilities management
contract with Archant (the publishers of the Eastern Daily Press and other
regional bewspapers) as reported here reinforces the local Norfolk mafia with Archant. What chance that any of the Archant titles will be critical of Norfolk County Council?

Indeed with house builders and NCC being the two main sources of advertising
revenue is it no surprise that Archant have not launched a campaign to stop the
urbanisation of Norwich City to the size of Nottingham or Bristol!


  1. And very strangely,for once, no comments box at the base of the article.!!!!! Is that being cynical or maybe it was just because there was insufficient space to allow a comments box. What do you think??

    1. Sadly the truth is that those who think they may prosper with development and the influx of migrants will go along with those hell bent on destroying this region. The developers and their financial partners only think in terms of making money and have no respect for the environment, countryside or the local population. After they have used up all available land and destroyed the countryside here they will look elswhere for greenfields and countryside to build on and make more money.
      More people means more houses, more houses means big money for the developers and landowners and let's not forget more rate revenue for the councils to fritter away on the likes of outbiding for things like the former RAF airfield at Coltishall. More people will result in more traffic and pollution and enevitably bring in more crime.

  2. Any system which mixes public and private funding is financially opaque. This should be a major concern for all residents who have no choice about funding the County Council through their taxes. That Councillors see nothing wrong in what they are doing is unsurprising, especially those who draw two salaries as 'twin hatters'. How many of them are also involved in the private ventures of the Council.
    The folly of it all is brought home when the Chief Executive of the Council admits he lacks the skills to do this work. We should all be alarmed by this admission of incompetence at the very top of the organisation and be questioning the use of our taxes in this way.