So I chase Mr Kirby the CEO of BDC for a response to a letter that I wrote on 25th June by sending him a reminder email one week later and receive an “out of office” message as below:

Out of Office AutoReply: LETTER RESPONSE

FROM:  Phil Kirby
Wednesday, 4 July 2012, 8:45

I am currently out of the office.

Please contact Carolyn Betts-Roddick on 01603 430521 or email in my absence.

Thank you

So I then forward my original email to the contact as suggested by Mr Kirby’s “out of office” message and I get another “out of office message” as below:

Out of Office AutoReply: LETTER RESPONSE
Wednesday, 4 July 2012, 8:54

I am currently out of the office until Thursday 5 July 2012.

I will respond to you, if required, on my return.

If the matter is very urgent, please contact:

Executive Team/PA Queries:
Sara Utting (01603 430428)

HR Queries:
Jodie Butler (01603 430414)
Dee Young (01603 430526)
Nicola Collin (01603 430418)
Simon Elliott (01603 430402)

Thank you.


Perhaps they have all gone on holiday early due to the amount of work the consultations that finish in August will be creating!


  1. They were legitimate questions. Clearly the Chief Executive has no answers and so believes that if he ignores them, they do not exist. They respond later by saying that an answer will be forthcoming - if required - that is arrogant and dismissive. Sounds just like all the rest of our Government apparatchiks.
    We fight wars to uphold democracy but who believes we live in one.

  2. Democracy in this country means you just get a vote. Then whoever gets in behave like dictators.

  3. It seems that Mr Kirby is off sick until the 16th July and Mr Proctor is off sick due to having his hip replaced. So who is in charge?

  4. Perhaps Mr Kirby is sick due to the stress of the job because has now realised Broadlands perilous position.
    Nothing much will change while they are away however because I'm sure one of their sycophant tory chums will be running things to make sure everything continues as usual.

  5. Funny that, just like chasing a firm that is on the verge of going bust when they owe you money.
    No problem in contacting BDC when you have to pay your rates.