U-turns might become norm

The government have quite rightly backed down on their proposals to sell off the country's forests after a massive public outcry. Surely this is what a democracy is all about.

We now wonder how GNDP and Broadland District Council in particular are intending to react to the overwhelming opposition to large scale development around Norwich. Creeping urbanisation is condemned by many and in 2005 CPRE produced a report, Your Countryside, your choice by Paul Kingsnorth, which stated that within three decades "By accident rather than design, much of England has become an anywhere-place, unloved and unloving, a homogenous exurbia, in which everywhere looks the same as everywhere else."

Did anyone take any notice then? Seems not - GNDP bid for and got, Growth Point status so they certainly weren't listening. Worse still though, just what did they think they were doing? Where was their mandate? No-one asked the people of Norwich and the surrounding villages whether they wanted growth on such a massive scale. Growth that will destroy not only countryside but also much of what makes Norwich unique and special.

At a time when public spending should be aimed at maintaining front-line services, the amount of money that GDNP are spending, and will be sending in the future if they get their way, on following their own aspirations seems morally wrong. Let us hope that the May elections will result in a change in direction and the aspirations of the people of Norfolk are actually taken into consideration.


  1. They are still pouring money into the NNDR even though they have made vicious cuts to services for the vulnerable.
    The figure exceeds a million pounds to add to the £M10.5 they have already spent.
    It is reaching scandalous proportions.
    Now Broadland are giving their Chief Executive early retirement. No doubt at further vast expense to local residents.

  2. Not much sign of any U-turns there.

  3. High time Broadland did a U turn and lived up to their promises. Three years ago the Leader of the Council at as public meetinhg stated that if there was opposition then the Ecotown would not go ahead. How much more opposition does he want ?