Just where is Keith Simpson?

There was a very apt question in the House of Commons recently but it did not come from Keith Simpson as we may have wished. However the answer from David Cameron was even more interesting. The fact that this exchange took place does however lend justification to our campaign and for raising the issue directly with the PM.

Jason McCartney Conservative MP for Colne Valley put the following question:

"the Labour led Kirklees Council was still obsessed with top down driven housing targets leaving my constituents very worried that the beautiful green fields and trees would be bulldozed down -  would the PM please confirm that the Localism Bill will give his constituents a real say in what developments go on in their area?"

David Cameron answered:

"I can give that assurance, but would also point out that under Labour the Top Down targets for house building actually fell to it's lowest level since 1923. So the top down big state solution did not work whereas what we are doing, by having the New Homes Bonus, rewarding local authorities who do build houses, means that there is a real benefit for local communities if they opt to have more homes because that is part of the economic development we badly need"

So the key issue here is if the community opt to have more homes.  This community has told BDC, GNDP and Keith Simpson that we do not want the level of housing dictated by the JCS which had it roots in the top down housing targets that the Honourable Member for Colne Valley talks about.

Keith Simpson was asked by SNUB to raise the following PQ’s in the house last November:


To ask the Minister if he is aware that there is a proposal to develop Grade 2 agricultural land in rural Norfolk as part of an Exemplar housing development to showcase apparent sustainable housing stock as a pre cursor to the Rackheath Eco town despite that fact that the whole future of these towns is now in question.

Can he confirm that the regulations on building on Grade 2 agricultural land have been relaxed for this development and if so are their plans to relax the regulations for other developments across the country bearing in mind his own departments call for the protection of prime agricultural land?


To ask the Minister if he is aware that the public funds that were allocated to the Rackheath Eco town are now being used to fund the development of an Exemplar development of 200 houses in Rackheath that do not form part of the proposed Eco town development.

If he is aware, can the Minister inform the house if the allocated funds of nearly £10M from the previous administration have been subjected to any audit in terms of their use now that the future of Eco towns is in doubt?  In addition, has there been any consideration to withdrawing these funds as they were allocated at the end of the last administrations time in government?


To ask the Minister if he is aware that the planned Examination in Public of the Joint Core Strategy as proposed by the member organisations of the Greater Norwich Development Partnership is proceeding.  This is despite a call by the Planning Inspectorate and local community campaign groups including the local office of CPRE for the examination to be cancelled in a quest to save public funds.

Now why is it that an area not threatened with growth in the way we are here in Broadland can get their MP to ask such a relevant question.  Is it something to do with the fact the local council in Colne Valley is Labour with a Tory MP.  Whilst here I Broadland we have a Tory MP with a Tory Council?  So it does all come down to politics and not what the people want!

Lets all let Keith Simpson know what we think of his ineptitude.  Contact him on either or all of the following:

Keith Simpson MP
House of Commons
020 7219 4053

After all he has, according to this very interesting website, They Work for You
only spoken in 11 debates in the last year which is well below average amongst MPs and only received answers to 9 written questions in the last year again well below average amongst MPs. 
So we say to Keith Simpson stop worrying about peacekeeping operations in Sudan, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan (listed by Hansard as the subject matters he has asked questions about) whilst being the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary and start asking questions on behalf of the people who voted you in.  If not he may have to start worrying about keeping the peace here in Broadland!



  1. Why is it when Keith Simpson wants our vote he always promises the earth, yet as soon as he is elected he ignores us. I agree that there appears to be a link between him and the BDC, but well done by the MP for Colne Valley for at least speaking up for his residents. Just wish Simpson would do the same.

  2. Keith Simpson was in the House during PM's question time, when the MP for Colne Valley made his comments. I was watching on the live TV broadcast.He was sitting right behind Jason Mccartney. Maybe he thought that the MP for Colne's remarks would also be taken as being relevant to our situation as well? He appeared to be enjoying the occasion,although he said nothing. Perhaps he may see fit to get to his feet during the next PM's question time,particularly if we all write to him and suggest he brings this undemocratic behaviour by BDC to the notice of the House and the Prime Minister.

  3. Fed up Resident of Broadland19 February 2011 at 14:38

    Mr Simpson's days are numbered. He cannot continue when he does so little for his constituents. Watching the election results played on tv last year, he looked genuinely surprised that he had won! I honestly believe that this was because Broadland is such a huge constituency and those outside the growth triangle continued to vote Tory without giving it a second thought. I will be emailing him to continue to press him to raise the issue of unwanted growth in the NE of Norwich.