World Food Supplies

We have copied below an excellent letter printed in today's EDP from D.Smith of Salhouse and suggest that readers take another look at one of our earlier posts on the same subject:

The recent floods in Australia will have a devastating impact on world food supplies and these have already been hit by an export ban by Russia and a global food shortage. The world is on the brink of a food catastrophe where millions will probably die through starvation. Despite this, there are those in this country who are
content to concrete over vast areas of farmland just in order to make huge profits.

The GNDP and Broadland are promoting this immoral and inhumane act by continuing with their plans for the NDR, ecotown and development on greenfield sites and farmland.

Will they ever join the real world and see that food and water are the most important things in life or are they
so desperate to get their hands on more money from council tax that development will generate?

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