Just where is Rackheath?

If you visit the GNDP's website and click on one of the pins in the map at the top of the home page you will be taken to a 'project map'.

Click on the turquoise pin which is firmly planted amongst the words 'Great and Little Plumstead' and a little window pops up to tell you about the (proposed) Rackheath Eco-Community (yes, we know it is now Rackheath Low Carbon Community but try finding that on either the GNDP or BDC websites!) - but even more annoying is the fact that it is listed under projects associated with the environment such as Catton Park. All the other projects in this category are concerned with preserving or even extending the natural environment whereas the Rackheath Eco-Community project is set to destroy the farmland and countryside in that area forever. It is just massive development whichever way you look at it and it will be built to the same standards as everywhere else albeit with a lot more publicity and razzamatazz paid for by you know who....us!

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