How to make a quick buck

It helps if you have inherited some woodland which is conveniently situated near one of the Growth Points in the country. It also helps if the local council is actively encouraging massive development in the same area even if they are not actively supporting your bit of proposed development at this moment.

Visit Friends of Thorpe Woods Blog to see how the maths works out and you will see why the owners are so keen to get the go-ahead.


  1. The Friends of Thorpe Woodlands blog is a real revelation - a detailed case study in how these developers work and the lengths they will go to in order to hoodwink the public and the planning authorities.

    The owners of the Thorpe woods have spewed out a stream (more like a tsunami actually) of selective, distorted and downright false information about the woods and what they want to do to them. If it wasnt for the meticulous research of the Friends group, not just the public but probably the planning authorities and the BDC councillors who would ultimately decide whether to give planning permission, would be in the dark and would probably take what the landowners said at face value.

    This is a warning and an example of what developers will try to get away with. I reccomend that everyone looks at this blog.

  2. Great to see you plugging the Thorpe woods, I fully support your campaign against the eco town but it can seem that this is all snub focuses on. So glad your getting into other issues to do with Norwich urbanisation. Theres a lot else besides. Like the last person I recommend the save thorpe woods blog, it gives all the information they dont want you to know!!!

  3. Thorpe End Resident1 December 2010 at 23:13

    Snub have always been against the development of Thorpe Woodlands and have been there from the start. They were present at the very first meeting called by Thorpe Town Council and the Charrette process meetings. However, when it became clear that a specific and extremely effective campaign group had been formed in the name of Friends of Thorpe Woodlands, Snub backed away from active campaigning on this issue whilst continuing to support the cause wherever possible. Snub also opposes the NDR (the key to the over development of the North East of Norwich, the proposed Rackheath Eco Town, Dakenham Hall Barns, the Norfolk Hub and any other inappropriate development forced upon parts of Norwich not able to cope with the excessive additional housing proposed. Attention has recently been focussed on the Joint Core Strategy Inspectors examination.