The Exemplar Consultation

Broadland District Council began a consultation exercise on the proposed Rackheath Exemplar back in the August - the period of consultation was August 22 to 29th October. They informed us at the time that "when all the responses have been received and analyzed we will compile a report on the results which will be available to all members of the community."

Nearly six weeks later we still have not been informed about the results and there is no mention on the Rackheath Exemplar Project page of BDC's website as to when we might expect this information.

A Freedom of Information request seeking the total number of responses to this consultation as well as the numbers both  in favour and opposed to the project has been refused by BDC siting Section 22(1) of the Freedom of Information Act - Information intended for future publication. But when will it be published?

***** HOT NEWS *****
Phil Kirby suggested yesterday (9th Dec) that the report of the Exemplar Consultation would probably be available in about five weeks time.


  1. Maybe they are waiting for the final day of the JCS examination to make the results public? Maybe they are waiting to see what the inspectors have to say first? Maybe they have a PLAN B ! Maybe not.!! No doubt the developers will know before we do,though.

  2. Can we ask who authorised this disgraceful waste of taxpayers money to send Broadland elected members and staff on jaunts to China, Italy, USA and the Czech Republic when the rest of us are having to tighten our belts and our elderly are dying from cold. This is an absolute disgrace. If they want to have a holiday abroad then they should pay.

  3. I just do not believe what I have read. Thank you SNUB for showing us what Broadland are doing with our money. Talk about holidays for the boys and girls. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Broadland District Council has on occasion sent officers abroad to take part in International Awards and International meetings. The officers and members taking part in the trips are not on holiday, but in the case of LivCom are actually competing for an International Award. The trip to China resulted in a £10,000 bursary for projects in Broadland.The purpose of the trips is to exchange best practice with other areas with similar issues and the learning on the trips can save years of trial and error, by adopting or adapting a tried and tested model. The trips are seldom wholly funded by Broadland District Council, with contributions from the host organisations and some sponsorship. Broadland has a core value of ensuring value for money for our residents and that applies to foreign travel. Mention has been made of a recent trip to Chicago, there was no cost to the Council for the trip this was paid for entirely by the host organisation. I hope this helps you to understand the business case behind the trips. If you require further details of the costs of trips please contact the Council, we are happy to supply the information.