e-Petition facilities

"The government has announced that by the end of 2010, councils must recognise and consider all petitions, including electronic ones.

People are being encouraged by government to submit petitions on areas of concern like under-performing schools, drink disorder and anti-social behaviour. Councils will then be expected to respond to petitions, informing local residents what action is being taken as a result.

The new law being introduced is part of the Local Democracy, Economic Construction and Development Act 2009. The majority of the duty on local authorities will come into force on 15 June, the e-petitions requirements will then come into force on 15 December.

Councils must also establish some sort of solution for the public to submit electronic petitions."

Here are some links to the pages (taken today 16th December) you will need to navigate if you wish to submit an e-petition to one of our local authorities (you will note that some are better than others):

Broadland District Council's e-petition page

South Norfolk County Council's petition page

Norwich City Council's petition page

Norfolk County Council's petition page

The Greater Norwich Development Partnership don't appear to have a page but then they are not a local authority - merely a partnership of local authorities who have somehow got the power to change the shape of our local communities for ever.

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  1. Do a quick Google on e-petitions and it is amazing how many other councils actually announced the new e-petitions on their websites rather than hiding them away as ours seem to have done! I suppose there is democracy and then there is Norfolk democracy.