We are not alone

To those Broadland District Council councillors and officers who think that Stop Norwich Urbanisation is the only local community campaign group opposed to the building of the so-called 'eco-towns' read this and visit this website.  Local people affected by the proposed eco-towns all over the country have formed groups to oppose the plans - some had high-profile celebrity endorsement and most of those campaigners saw success in the early days. Others, like ourselves, are fighting without much publicity and with very little money and are up against our own local councils. As one commentator on an eco-town forum said:

"Nw Bicester is in Tory land, it was put up by the Tory Council to deflect the Weston Otmoor proposal. Its not brownfield at all, totally rural/agricultural and there was no consultation with the public . A local govt council following its own agenda. And like all other 'eco' towns/settlements (the description changes daily) it will blight the existing communities as there has been no thought at all to the infrastructure needed to facilitate 5000 new homes. This particular part of the land suffers terribly with congestion due to commuting. Where these 5000 homes will find local jobs is interesting. blah blah blah it makes me fume."

Another post:

"NW Bicester was sprung upon all one day earlier this year. Consultation may well have gone on in the council chamber but the wider public were unaware."

That certainly sounds very familiar!


  1. This government have shown their allegiance to big business by letting all these plans roll on.

  2. This show just how much our Democracy has been destroyed. Our Nation must wake up before we become a Police State. Never forget we elect our politicians to SERVE US.