Greater Norwich Development Partnership Joint Core Straetgy DPD

The Independent Inquiry into the Greater Norwich Development Partnership's Joint Core Strategy will open on 9th November at  the King's Centre, Kings Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH and a Programme Officer has been appointed to carry out the role of managing the day to day arrangements.

The Planning Inspectorate's website states that the Programme Officer's office arrangements should be as follows:
  • Very close to the Hearing venue and separate for the LPA Planning Department
  • Accessible to all members of the public during normal office hours
  • Equipped with the usual desks, chairs, filing cabinets, stationery etc. A direct phone line and separate fax line are necessary, as is an answering machine. A photocopier should be provided, which can be used to copy documents for visitors, at either minimal or no charge
The post of Programme Officer is actually an appointment made by the Local Authority or in our case  the Greater Norwich Development Partnership and the Programme Officer working on this Examination is based in Sudbury at what appears to be a home address and with only a mobile phone number as a contact number. This all seems totally at odds with what has been set out by the Planning Inspectorate and one must question why GNDP chose to employ a Programme Officer so far away from the Inquiry venue and the members of the public affected by the JCS who would normally be expected to make use of the office facilities that should have been offered.

Anyone who elects to make a submission has to provide 6 copies of the submission plus 6 copies of the documentation supporting their submission and this can amount to a great deal of paper. When one also factors in the fact that many organisations and individuals are unpaid and making their submissions in their own time without the support of consultants and administration staff it is not surprising that the task is totally overwhelming for many people and the process hardly seems fair or acceptable.


  1. I did not know that the GNDP gets to choose the Programme Officer. No bias there then. She did stand as a Tory candidate in the 1997 elections and a quick Google will reveal that she is a former portfolio holder for Highways/Transport in Westminster City Council. Now why have we heard about that Council, perhaps it was because Shirley Porter was their Chairman.
    Anyway by my reckoning what the Tory Councillors here would describe as a 'safe pair of hands'.

  2. VERY fed up Thorpe End resident15 October 2010 at 17:47

    The whole thing is a disgrace. The more I investigate the more corrupt I am convinced they are. The amount of documentation that has suddenly appeared on their website is a scandal. They are either completely incompetent or incredibly devious. Perhaps a mixture of the two? They will not be able to hide the fact that their strategy is a mess, totally dependent on an NDR that will have no funding and their consultations ineptly carried out. Democracy? The GNDP don't know the meaning of the word!

  3. Well I hope your fears are unfounded. At the May meeting the critical analysis adopted by the Planning Inspectors would suggest they have heard all this sort of thing before.

    I would like to think we can trust them to deliver a sound judgement but given Norfolk politics that might not be easy.

  4. Norfolk Resident17 October 2010 at 20:26

    Dear Thorpe End resident -
    I can assure you they are not incompetent - sadly, they are incredibly devious. The say the NDR will have no funding, but the bulldozers and cranes will turn up to concrete over our land regardless.