Rackheath Exemplar Project

"Exhibitions, consultations and workshops will be advertised locally. Come along and give us your views." So says p17 of The Rackheath Exemplar Project booklet. So far it seems that apart from the Rackheath fun day, Broadland District Council have staged another of their 'drop in sessions' at Holy Trinity Church (which was poorly attended by all accounts) and little else - is this what BDC call consultation? They have already suspended their original programme of  'drop in sessions' for the proposed Rackheath ecotown project due to lack of attendees and nothing has been added to their web page about the proposed development since July 2010 - will they have to start a completely new page for the proposed Rackheath Low Carbon Community? It is all becoming a little confusing!

If you haven't already picked up a copy of the booklet and the 38 page questionnaire from the Village Store in Rackheath or BDC's offices at Thorpe Lodge, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew (or if you are don't mind wasting printer ink, download and print your own copy of the questionnaire) time is running out - you have until 29th October to complete and return the questionnaire.


  1. I have managed to squeeze in a statement for the GNDP JCS examination, based on International Law (which if obeyed would remove all the complex processes that have grown up like an impenetrable thicket excluding normal people from making normal sensible comments).

    International Law is actually quite stark and simple, and it does govern all local and national laws including EU laws, on the natural and built environment.

    Further Comments concerning the "growth triangle" are not going to be examined, apparently. But running EVERYTHING through International Law is an exercise which Planners can very easily do for themselves on their own, if they accept that International Law obliges them to do so. They would also find, I think, that International Law allows them to give weight to the kind of statement I sometimes hear or sometimes see written out by hand, from members of the public who really cannot cope with the mechanics of commenting - not because they are stupid, but because they are no more familiar with the workings of commenting than I am, or Planners are, with a tractor engine.

  2. To Edith Crowther - can you confirm that you are the same Edith Crowther who stood for election as a BNP (British National Party) candidate recently?

  3. That Consultation document was a total farce. 38 pages with the most important question left to the last page with all the others cleverly loaded so you answered YES. This was not Local Democracy and I hope the Inspector has been informed.