GNDP - Notice Of Extension For Submission Of Statements

It is unfortunate that due to the Greater Norwich Development Partnership adding a large amount of complex material to their website on Monday and the ensuing unavailability of their website the Inspector has had to agree to an extension to the deadline for submissions of statements from Friday 8th October to Friday 15th October.

"GNDP has recently posted some additional material on the EiP website in response to the Inspector's conclusions from the Exploratory Meeting.  The Inspectors have therefore decided to extend the final date for responding to their identified matters from 8 October to 15 October.  However, as this extension will reduce the time available for the Inspectors to prepare and circulate the discussion agenda for the individual hearings sessions, it will be very much appreciated if those in a position to do so can submit their responses by the original date."

Stakeholders were forced to request this extension as the amount of material that was suddenly presented was impossible to respond to in the limited time available together with the unavailability of GNDP's website at such a crucial stage. Objectors are generally volunteers employed in other work and such a late submission of GNDP material is surely unacceptable from professional officers who are employed by GNDP or participating councils. It is fortunate that the Inspector understood the problems that this action had caused.


  1. How can they get away with it?

  2. Surely they wouldn't suddenly submit a whole new load of data without enough time for the public to digest and respond properly would they!!!! They are either incredibly disorganised or very underhand.... answers on a postcard please!!!!

  3. At the risk of showing my age,Terry Thomas would have uttered his classic line;- "What an absolute shower".
    We have to hope that the inspectors see what is happening here, back up our objections and tell the GNDP to get their house in order.

  4. Of course you might just take into account what my councillor told me. The GNDP have no powers they are merely doing the bidding of the make sure you know where the problem lies.

  5. Hi Gary
    Are you sure about that? I thought that the GNDP were given £M 14.0 for their work to force all this development on us. Perhaps they are some kind of Quango.