BDC Pixies at work?

Have Broadland District Council pixies been busy over night or has someone not bothered to do any research? This article hopefully suggests the latter but at the same time highlights the ignorance and naivety surrounding the subject of so called eco-living - albeit well-intentioned.


  1. Whoever wrote that article ? Are they living on the same plant and where are these Ecohouses in Rackheath. This is all part of the propaganda by Broadland DC to convince us that the high density urban housing estate wanted by their developer friends is here NOW. Who pays for this ?

  2. Oh Dear will our wretched Broadland District Council never listen to their electorate. Who do they think voted them in and pays their huge allowances. High time they stopped promoting the developers and listend to the Residents instead. Where has our local democracy gone ?

  3. Unbe-bleedin'-lievable! Who on Earth runs this site? I can't seriously believe they are a bona fide environmental organisation of any kind. This is a front for the developers of 'eco-towns'. You can't even leave a comment after the article - I tried, but the screen vanished!

    Don't be fooled and don't be unduly kind to these twisters - I can't believe this srticle is well intentioned. It is merely propaganda, and should be challenged.

  4. This website has a nice eco-friendly look. Just like the 'Rainforest Concern' website - that sounds nice doesn't it? It looks nice too. But when you get into it, it's all about promoting palm oil and trying to discredit genuine environmentalist's claims about the devastating effect the palm oil industry has on rainforests. The website isn't well-intentioned but naive. However, it is aimed at the well-intentioned but naive, and that makes it doubly despicable.

    This eco-towns site is just the same. Note the pretty, friendly logo and nice design. How could anyone think ill of such obviously lovely people?

    To quote the locally famous Alan Partridge: "Scum, sub-human scum"!

  5. You guys are an angry lot, and I can see why, a new housing development that may devalue your property, sounds awful. Though why direct your anguish at a website with hundreds of articles (many with comments I may add) and only one about eco homes and Norwich ? Seems a wasted effort, like pissing in the wind perhaps? Imagine those wonderfully poetic, massively speculative, witty and sharp words being said to those making the decisions about the development, instead of a small website promoting sustainable living ? Though I agree, the pretty logo and good design really forms the pinnacle of “scum”. Was it the bible that said, “know thy enemy ?” I’m sure there’s truth in that somewhere. But please don’t misinterpret me, I’m not suggesting you lot have the mentality of a school ground bully.

  6. John Allaway - tis not an eco towns site, have a look. Also, how can something be naive if its not well intentioned ? This makes no sense man. Your commenting without even very basic research, and being very opinionated, all while maintaining a condescending tone and contributing nothing of worth - this is triple despicable.

  7. To the two 'Anonymouses':

    I think it is the green living website that has failed to carry out even the most basic research. If they had, they would have discovered that the building standards for the Rackheath 'eco-town' aren't even the most energy-efficient obtainable. They would also have discovered that the 'eco-town' is being imposed upon the local community without proper consultation, and in the face of obvious massive local opposition.

    You misunderstood what I was saying about the site being aimed at the naive but well-intentioned. There is no contradiction. Unfortunately, some undoubtedly well-intentioned people are naive, and swallow pro-development & perpetual economic growth propaganda without question, if it is dressed up to look eco-friendly.

    There is, however, a fundamental contradiction between promoting sustainable living while simultaneously promoting the growth agenda. This site, like the 'Rainforest Concern' site I compared it to, seems to be trying to do just that.

    The Alan Partridge reference was meant to be humourous, by the way - sorry if you took it too seriously!