Hoorah! One step forward but two steps back

A look on Google today reveals that the Greater Norwich Development Partnership have taken notice of our comments and a search for them now shows:

Greater Norwich Development Partnership

 - 29 visits - 27 Aug
Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP) – Broadland District, Norwich City, and South Norfolk councils working together with Norfolk County Council ...

We congratulate them on actually listening to criticism and rectifying matters but it is somewhat ironic that today is the last day for the submission of comments on the Statement of Focussed Changes to the Joint Core Strategy.

'Today?' you might ask. Yes, today - after 6 weeks of telling us that the closing date was the 30th August they realized at the very last minute that the 30th was a Bank Holiday and changed the date to the 31st. 'Press release?' you might ask. No - nothing. Just a few lines at the bottom of their website's homepage. Broadland District Council had even issued their own press release on the 27th August entitled 'final chance to comment on changes' but they too had used the 30th as the final day.

This all seems rather too similar to the hastily arranged 'drop in' events which  were supposed to give local communities the chance to find out more about the proposed changes to the JCS but were advertised after some events had already taken place. If it wasn't so important it would almost seem farcical .....or is that Basil Fawlty heading up BDC?!

For a bunch of professionals both organisations seem to get things wrong on a far too regular basis.


  1. Many benefits from development
    - a short story by Andrew Proctor published by the EDP on Saturday

    We had his usual tirade that everything would be OK as long as people do not object, which is code for we have made our minds up so just agree with us.
    He went on to say, The examplar project consultation which started at the Rackheath Fun Day will run to October 29......there will be staffed exhibitions at Holy Trinity Church Rackheath on September 1 and October 7 from 3 to 8pm
    Well I know two people who went along today only to find the Church all locked up and no one in sight.
    This is so typical of this Council.

  2. When a resident enquired about the fact that the Church was closed on the Ist September, she was told that it was a misprint. The implication being that it was Archants' fault.
    These people are so alien to the truth that they do not admit mistakes.