Power to the people

Villagers in South Creake in North Norfolk were given the opportunity to vote on whether they supported a proposed wind farm to be built on land between Stanhoe and South Creake and 85% of those who responded said "NO!"

An article in today's EDP explains how the local borough council ran the poll on behalf of a local campaign group - Creakes Action for Protecting the Environment  (CAPE). Perhaps Simon Woodbridge, Leader of Broadland District Council would consider an independent poll of the residents of Rackheath, Salhouse, Wroxham, Great and Little Plumstead, Woodbastwick and Spixworth over the question of the proposed Rackheath eco-town and its precursor, the 200 home so-called Exemplar.. but why stop there? How about a referendum on the whole of the planned North East Growth Triangle

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  1. Unlikely that BDC will ever agree to a referendum sadly. They are well aware of the opposition to their plans and resident's views do not feature in their decision making processes. Consultation? No chance! Dictatorship is what we have in Broadland.