Headline: "Norfolk tourism chiefs sets out demands to government"

In an article in today's EDP the heads of local tourism organisations set out what they would like the government to do for Norfolk to help the tourism industry. Their list includes completion of the dualling of the A11, investment in the Norwich to London rail links and VAT relief for the tourism industry as well as funding to help promote tourism as well as "specific additional funding for prime destinations such as Norwich and Norfolk between now and 2012".

Perhaps these tourism chiefs should also be making demands of their local government and request that councils reconsider their current quest to turn Norwich into another Milton Keynes with mile upon mile of housing developments eating up the very countryside that tourists have come to enjoy. Tourists come to Norfolk to get away from that sort of environment.

Norfolk has always prided itself on being and doing 'different' - don't let the greed of the developers and the aspirations of local councillors take that away. Take that away and we'll lose the tourists upon whom we have come to depend.

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  1. Absolutely spot on. Why does it seem so difficult for BDC to see that or is it the individual ambitions and egos of certain council members forcing through their own agenda They should open their eyes and ears and listen to their residents who live and work here before any more damage is done.By all means dual the A11,but NO to the ecotown and its "exemplar",No to the NDR and NO to North east triangle infill housing estates and NO to the desecration of our Norfolk country heritage.