Proposed Rackheath eco-community

A quick look at the developer's website indicates that not much has been going on there for a few months - as far as they are concerned the Housing Minister is still John Healey! Under their news section the latest entry is a copy of an EDP article printed in February of this year.

Take a look at the Barratt website and it is hard to believe that this housebuilder has any interest in building eco-friendly houses such is the lack of prominence for such schemes. Building Partnerships state that Barratt Homes is the UK leader in the construction of sustainable residential developments and one in Slough has 'special green features' which include a network of footpaths and cycleways linking homes to local schools, shops and employment areas - what a novel idea!

As the new Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, has stated the eco-town era has ended - in future ALL houses will be green . The proposed development at Rackheath will be nothing more than another HUGE Barratt housing estate with a dual carriage-way feeder road running along side it.

It's the wrong time and the wrong place and it is time to ditch the whole idea before any more money is wasted.


  1. Jack from rackheath15 June 2010 at 20:32

    I'm confused, some people are saying the Eco community isn't going to happen, as money is no longer available, is this true ?
    The nor will certainly not go ahead, will this mean as there's no plan b, will put a holt on any large development ? I'm reading news and articles and speaking to locals in Rackheath and I'm none the wiser

  2. Lets get it clear here guys. The Eco town concept is dead according to the Prime Minister unless there is an overwhelming support for it in the community and the houses are built to current sustainability levels. Therefore, Jack the real answer is that over 4,000 local residents in local Parishes around Rackheath and Salhouse have said they don’t want this development and anyway Broadland District Council are only planning to build these houses to sustainability level 4 which is not the highest standard. Therefore, you would think then that this is not going ahead.

    HOWEVER, BDC say that local residents are in favour as they take ALL of the residents in Broadland as their baseline and use the fact that as the majority are silent on the issue then they agree! They also say that the houses will be built to an acceptable level of sustainability whatever that means and no matter what central government states their will be development in Rackheath.

    So when you are talking to friends and neighbours get them to write to their local Councillor and/or MP and tell them you do not want this.