Basically the problems are as follows:

  • The ecotown is a fraud - thoroughly ungreen with nothing but green wash.
  • The consultation process has been fraudulent, not following best practice or the aims of the Aarhus convention.
  • All agricultural land is too valuable for the future of food to squander for bogus reasons.
  • The imposed housing totals don't make sense, nor do the jobs targets.
  • There's no Plan B for transport, housing, or for controlling developers; although it is a requirement for all of those. 
  • The dispersed alternative meets the coalition's principles far better.
  • The JCS could come a cropper at the hands of the Inspector.
  • The NDR would perpetuate and increase the private car culture.
  • With £10 million gone already, the Minister must step in to stop any more being wasted.


  1. I agree whole heartedly with this summary. The trouble is that those who have wasted the £10M will have serious difficulty in justifying it in the light of the current financial circumstances. Especially since they made no adequate risk assessment or considered alternative plans.

    This is curious because the Strategy was only put to the Government in Feb/March this year when the extent of the financial mess was already clear.
    It looks like reckless behaviour on the part of the partners within the GNDP.

  2. Stentor might be right.

    Does anyone know if councillors have a personal liability for this sort of thing? They were aware that the Joint Core Strategy was a risky venture. Despite that asked no questions and just voted for it anyway.
    It was left to the Planning Inspectors to expose its flaws.