A new Birmingham for the East of England

This is the way that the local protest group at Wymondham have described the plans to build 3000 homes on the northern edge of their town.

A consortium of planning consultants is proposing a new housing estate of 3000 homes on the northern edge of Wymondham – a 50% increase in the size of the town. This proposed concrete jungle is known as ‘Vision Wymondham’.

The development builds into the green boundary between Wymondham and Hethersett. In the long term this will most likely result in Hethersett and Wymondham becoming a part of Greater Norwich – a new Birmingham for the East of England.

If you then add on the plans to develop Norwich in the North East growth area which would make Norwich to the North the size of a Bristol or Nottingham then we would agree that a settlement the size of Birmingham is probably very likely if you take the all of the development plans for Norwich North, East, West and South. 
Vision; Our Wymondham is campaigning on very similar grounds to SNUB in that the road network in Wymondham will not cope with the additional traffic. The new facilities being offered are wholly inadequate for the size of the development, and local schools, doctors etc. are already struggling to cope with the current size of the town.  Prices of existing houses are likely to drop due to the glut created in the housing market (we hadn’t thought of that one!).  The land to be concreted over is an area of natural beauty and home to many species of wildlife.  It is also valuable agricultural land, which will become more important to feed our growing population.
Join their campaign at www.visionourwymondham.co.uk and sign their petition.

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  1. Now we really know what local councils are all about. Can you imagine Norwich becoming as large as Birmingham!!! Well with the plans for houses in the south, and north east this could easily happen over the next 10 to 20 years.