SNUB Roadshow comes to Hoveton

Despite a beautiful sunny afternoon and the lure of both a Norwich City football match and the Grand National on television, this latest SNUB Open Meeting brought in a good audience including Andrew Proctor (Deputy Leader of Broadland District Council and Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy and Conservation) and Chris Green (District Councillor for the ward of Wroxham which includes Rackheath and Salhouse - although most of the residents from these villages might be surprised that he has ignored their objections to the eco-town and did in fact vote  FOR the Joint Core Strategy to be submitted!).

Speakers from SNUB were joined by David Hook from CPRE (Council to Protect Rural England) who spoke passionately about the need to retain areas  which gave people the chance to find tranquillity in an increasingly overcrowded England rather than 'homogenising' the whole of the country and losing regions such as Norfolk and Devon for ever.(See CPRE's tranquillity map and note where Norfolk stands currently - 8th in the whole of England!) David also spoke about the numbers of houses destined for Norfolk and the impact this would have on the County. He compared the growth to that of Bristol and even Milton Keynes in the effect it would have on our region.

Local residents were once more horrified at what might be coming and many stayed to voice their concerns after the meeting had finished. Andrew Proctor also stayed and commented about SNUB's Growth Triangle map - like Phil Kirby, he seemed to object to the fact that the map showed the so called 'growth triangle' looked similar in size to the area within the Norwich Ring road. 

Yes - so what is your problem?? SNUB is only using information supplied by Broadland District Council and the Greater Norwich Development Partnership and yes, the sizes are similar!

Another resident suggested that we need to take to SNUB Roadshow to Norwich as she thought people there were totally unaware of what could be in store for Norfolk.


  1. The trouble with BDC is that they can only nit pic at the edges and complain that that the dramatic comparison between what they plan for us all in the next ten years is similar to what happened to Norwich over the previous one thousand.
    They cannot challenge the lack of eco credibility or that they are proposing to destroy the area. No one mentioned that the Chief Planner has said in the last week that building on a few more acres doesn't matter because we import most of our food. Perhaps the Ecotown will have a Tescos after all.

  2. Theseus

    I noticed that those comments of Phil Kirby were not reported by the EDP.