Northstowe 'Eco-town' Backed by Main Parliamentary Candidates

Northstone is another of the proposed eco-towns backed by £1.5m of government funding and, if it goes ahead, will be built on the former RAF Oakington barracks and airfield in South Cambridgeshire. According to the developers, the new town will have about 9,500 homes and lead to the creation of about 9,000 new jobs for some of the expected 24,000 residents - it will even have its own burial ground!
"Its edges will be clearly defined thereby maintaining not just the openness of the separation with the existing communities, but also the creation of a distinct outer boundary to the town to avoid coalescence with the villages of Longstanton and Oakington."

Yet another factor that is missing with the proposed development at Rackheath which is clearly an add-on to an already existing village and which will also 'coalesce' with Salhouse.
Northstone appears to have support from everyone concerned and all three candidates of the main political parties are backing it - another point of difference with Rackheath.
Is it a case of the right development, in the right place, at the right time?

File:Northstowe and Guided busway map.png

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