Inspectors raise concerns over the Joint Core Strategy

The Joint Core Strategy Pre Hearing meeting is due to take place on 13th May 2010 and precedes the full hearing scheduled for on or around the 28th June 2010.
However, the inspectors have sent a letter to the Greater Norwich Development Partnership raising concerns surrounding the soundness of the strategy. There are 24 questions in the letter with a deadline for a response from the GNDP given for the 21st April. The letter and the GNDP's reply can be viewed on the GNDP website. To view the reply expand the additional documents where you can also find a wealth of information on local issues, all you need now is a few days to read them!


  1. look on the other side of the election30 April 2010 at 00:08

    I did not get beyond the Community Infrastructure levy (CIL) tonight, but it seems that if you live in a Growth Area you can be separately taxed by a CIL to be decided and introduced by the local authorities.
    New and innovative ways to relieve residents of their hard earned money

  2. The fact that the inspectors have raised TWENTY FOUR questions already regarding the soundness of the JCS prior to the pre hearing meeting,could be taken as an indication that perhaps our feelings about the GNPD and the JCS may not be so cynical as some would have us believe!!