GNDP pats itself on the back..

The Audit Commission has recently reported  on its inspection of the the Greater Norwich Development Partnership last November. The report is reasonably positive in its appraisal of the GNDP and its work to date but points out many areas for improvement. However, the GNDP's own spin of the findings is rather more generous stating that the Audit Commission gave "a glowing report".

An interesting comment in the AC's report notes that "not all of the improvements in which GNDP played a key role came directly from the two key strategies. Some of them were more opportunistic, the result of money suddenly being made available, usually from external sources, that could be spent on projects that would contribute to future growth. These include:
  • the eco-community development at Rackheath has met the requirements of central government, and a programme of development bids has been submitted."
So here we are fighting to save local communities from becoming part of a North East Norwich 'growth triangle' and all because of an opportunity  that came the way of the GNDP!

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