FULLsupport is needed...

Keith Simpson MP for Broadland is now publicly denouncing the proposed Rackheath eco-town and says "I have made it clear that I don't support the development AND an incoming Conservative government will not support these Labour proposals for eco-towns, not least because they are opposed by local communities".

Amid what the EDP now calls 'huge opposition', Mr Simpson is calling for a  public enquiry into the Postwick Hub which, if it went ahead, would herald the start of a series of  developments  including the NDR and the Rackheath eco-town. However, if it is stopped the EDP suggests the rest of the strategy would collapse like a pack of cards. See article here.

So, on the face of it our MP now seems to be opposing the Postwick Hub, The NDR and the proposed Rackheath eco-town - however, it is a shame that his election website www.keithsimpson.info doesn't mention any of these issues!

Check out Tory MP, Nick Herbert's website - now THIS is the sort of support we want!


  1. Reading this, if the conservatives win, the election, there will be no eco development ?

  2. The local conservatives are so behind the "eco-development" that a national Tory victory would make little difference.

    The Tories might be against "eco-towns" but they would still back massive building in the "growth triangle".

  3. Yes because they are lying hypocrites

  4. was at the meeting tonight - i am amazed at the front Mr Simpson puts on. He has said nothing and done nothing for months then he stirs just before the election. As for him stopping coltishall I dont think so!!!

  5. Mr Simpson Said No to A Eco Development, but didnt say no to a normal development.
    So Vote for Mr Simpson, and get a development anyway !