This is what we are fighting to save

"Farming and agricultural activities are a major aspect of daily life in Salhouse and lay at the heart of the character of the village by creating an ever changing background as the crops rotate through the seasons. The land is primarily a sandy loam soil and given over to arable farming of mainly malting barley with sugar beet and potatoes grown as a rotational break. The barley is supplied to local Maltings and the sugar beet harvested over the winter months for processing at a nearby refinery."
Taken from Salhouse Village website - Salhouse and Rackheath are linked by farmland and I think it says it all apart from the fact that soil becomes more clayey as you walk over the fields to Rackheath - try it after some rain!


  1. Should we not all be very worried that Broadland Council are trying to give themselves the SPD (supplementary planning document) which gives them and the developers a free hand to destroy our countryside and quality of life ?
    What can we do to stop this loss of our democracy ?

  2. Is it right that Broadland have forced the Rackheath Parish Council to change the date of their publioc meeting planned for April 1st and that SNUB are now not allowed to have their display in the afternoon ?

  3. Working on the edge of the Rackheath Industrial Estate we enjoy the tranquility of being next to open farmland and the many benefits of walking to work from Salhouse.
    Walking to work through a cheap housing estate would not be our idea of pleasure (or safety) and we would certainly consider moving our business elsewhere!

  4. Yes, Rackheath Parish Council have been railroaded into changing their meeting date to Wed 8th April and SNUB have been told they cannot attend now as the hall is booked in BDC name. They are also hijacking the meeting for the forthcoming election as candidates will be present. This is censorship at work. BDC didnt want to attend on Thursday 1st as its Mourndy Thursday and they all leave early for a long weekend.