SNUB just won't stop protesting against the JCS .......

Members of SNUB were out demonstrating again last night - this time outside Norwich City Hall as councillors arrived to vote on whether to submit the Joint Core Strategy.

If you have never been involved in any kind of protest it is quite an eye opener to see how councillors react - arrogance and rudeness are two of the most popular reactions through to complete indifference. However, it was pleasing to note that several councillors stopped to pledge their support for our campaign and some even joined us.

Members of the public stopped to ask what we were campaigning about and several asked for membership forms.  SNUB gained some new members but  didn't persuade enough councillors to oppose the submission of the JCS. So the strategy will now go forward to government despite numerous flaws and against legal advice but whether it gets through the expected pre-examination and then the public examination process in the summer is quite a different matter.....


  1. Not surprised at the arrogance or the voting result. No one cares about the electorate these days. Well done to Protest.

  2. Why should Norwich City Council endorse this strategy which makes their own Council unsustainable