Diversionary tactics

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It is easy to conclude that this is an attempt by the local Tory sympathisers to take up your time and divert your energy from the important task on which you are embarked.

Why would they do this?

Well their candidate for the election has been parachuted in after James Carswell (another Tory Twin Hatter) became so fed up; he avowed not to stand again.  That incidentally after resigning from the Cabinet at NCC and after failing to attend crucial meetings at Broadland when they were voting through policies which he did not support.   So the new candidate has his endorsement.  That tells us much about them both.

Tom Garrod lives in Ormseby St Margaret and was a County Councillor for Great Yarmouth until this election. Last autumn in the EDP, UKIP announced that they would stand in all the Great Yarmouth seats.  After Eastleigh, the Tories are now terrified of UKIP and thinking Garrod would lose that seat he was moved to Wroxham.  

Two observations come to mind

1.  If he runs at the first sign of a political fight what good would he be to the residents here. We need someone who will stand up to the political manipulators  not a grateful political apparatchik.

2. He knows nothing about the issues in this Division and will probably just express his gratitude by doing whatever his political masters ask.


  1. The list of candidates for Wroxham shows that only Independent and Labour hopefuls live in the division. The UKIP man comes from Holt The LibDem lives in Norwich but only the Tories attempt to disguise the fact that their candidate comes fro Yarmouth by giving an abbreviated address Station Road Norfolk.
    Why would the Returning Officer permit that?

  2. Independant candidates usually stand for election because they are local people who are concerned about their patch. They have a non political vested interest and want to represent the local people without having to tow a party line.
    The main parties, particularly the Tories are only interested in securing another seat to give themselves the strength to drive through their destructive policies which the locals are opposed to. The Tories have time and time again ignored the residents of Broadland and just follow the party line like sheep.

  3. Perhaps at last with the Dictatorship broken at County Hall we may at last get our Democracy back with the views of local people being hear and listened to. We can only live in hope. Perhaps we can also get rid of the wretched Cabinet System. Best of luck to the SNUB team at the Planning Enquiry next week. I thought according to the Judsge that we locals should have been consulted on all the other thirteen options, but in our village we have heard nothing.

  4. Has SNUB died? Nothing on this blog since May last year? It used to be so active - what on earth is going on?

  5. SNUB remain active and were on the BBC Radio this very morning (listen here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01nh4h2 ) to discuss the Postwick Hub decision made yesterday. However our campaign has joined with the CPRE Alliance and as such our efforts are turned towards ensuring that this group of Parish Councils and other community groups becomes an effective voice. Like all campaigns we are a small core group of local residents and we cannot cover all angles so have to be selective. Thanks for your interest.