I would like to think, now that I have been elected to the Salhouse Parish Council, that SNUB and the Parish Council could work together to further the aims of the local residents in Salhouse and ensure that their views are represented fairly and democratically.

It is clear that the early signs are encouraging and I hope that the election of the seven new Councillors to replace those who resigned en masse ensures that this spirit of co-operation continues.

One of the lessons that I’ve personally learnt since my election is to appreciate all of the good work done by the previous council and the sheer amount of paperwork, rules and regulations one has to understand to be an effective and legal Councillor.  I understand now why we at SNUB were reluctant to be part of this bureaucracy in the earlier days however the stakes are now too high to be acting in isolation.

Using this new knowledge I would like to apologise for one of my previous Blogs about the level of financial reserve in the Parish Council’s bank account, which I understand, is a legal requirement.  I did not to imply any mismanagement of funds and if I did then it was due to my ignorance of the rules.

Now that I’m inside the tent I will have to abide by the rules however I will continue to lobby for rules to be reviewed if they neither are nor fit for purpose.  In the meantime I will continue to chair SNUB and ensure that we all work together to prevent the urbanisation of Norwich that threatens to consume Salhouse and other communities and destroy the way of life that our families and we desire.

Stephen Heard


  1. What a relief it must be to residents to know that we now have a Parish Council back to represent us. What a change it is to hear a councillor being humble enough to say that he may have made a mistake, instead of the normal arrogant denials we have so often heard.
    Well done Mr Heard and thanks for all that you have already done for us in challenging that crazy and flawed JCS. We are confident that you will go on to do much more, not only for this parish but for the public at large who have been so often ignored by our parish, district and county councils.
    Many thanks from an appreciative resident.

  2. Delighted to hear that everyone is now starting to work and talk together, which is so vital for our Village and the other neighbouring parishes. During my time on the Parish Council I made repeated requests for the Council to meet with residents who supported SNUB as they were worried about the actions of Broadland District Council and the GNDP, but each time my request was refused by the then Chairman.
    The implications of Broadland Councils' determination to concrete over as much land as they can in the NE Triangle are horrendous. What a pity they were not like South Norfolk DC who listened to their residents and went for the disperal option.